Quality Control


Lab and Foundry

Essen Aluminium has comprehensive quality assurance and quality control facilities in the foundry with a state of the art spectrometer (Spectromaxx). Other quality tests like

Tensile Outsourced
Elongation Outsourced
Hardness In House (BHN, HRC)
Crack detection In House
Magnetic test particle Outsourced
X-ray, Radiography Outsourced

The above outsourced tests are done in government approved NABL laboratories.

Metal Filtration

At Essen Aluminium, we believe in filtering all our alloys prior to casting, this enhances the quality of castings and eliminates foundry problems like inclusions, also enhances the mechanical properties of castings. The other advantages are longer tool life at the machining process. We use ceramic foam filters of 10 PPI and 20 PPI pour size as per the alloy requirements.


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