Die Casting

Gravity die-casting has been employed for many years for the production of copper base alloy castings. We operate on automated gravity die casting and tilt pour machines.

Die-castings have a number of advantages. The combination of excellent surface finish and close dimensional accuracy can result in the reduction or complete elimination of machining. The higher mechanical properties of die-castings allow a safe reduction of casting section with a consequent saving of weight and material cost.

Not all copper base alloys are suitable for die-casting. The principal alloys which are die-cast are aluminum-bronzes, certain brasses and high tensile brass. However, we specialize in gun metal alloys which many people refuse to manufacture.

The advantages of gravity die casting over sand casting include a better surface finish, and better mechanical properties, which occur due to the relatively faster cooling rates that occur in gravity die casting.


Additional Benefits of Gravity Die Casting Methods Include:

  • Tooling costs of gravity casting are a fraction of those needed for pressure die casting.
  • The rapid chilling gives excellent mechanical properties whilst non-turbulent filling ensures production of heat treatable gravity castings with minimal porosity.
  • At Essen Aluminium we have years of experience in gravity die casting, providing clients with a single supply partner for casting, machining and finishing services.

Gravity Die Casting

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